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Experience Authentic Japanese Cooking and Know how. 

“Edo-Sushi” Making Workshop 

A professional sushi chef will teach you how to prepare sushi in the classic Edomae style and how to shape and make sushi with easy to follow steps. more detail…


“Dashi” (authentic Japanese soup stock) Making Workshop

“Dashi” is a very basic of Japanese cuisine. Participants will get real experience to preparing Dashi right from the very first step of shaving flakes from a dried bonito. more detail…


“I enjoyed it!”—Voices from Overseas Participants

I had a good time learning about sushi-making. -Niclas,  Sweden
It was interesting to see how it started with a whole fish and ended up with a perfect sushi.Loved it !

I feel I learned a lot in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. -Sydny, US
Now I have a deeper understanding and feel closer to Japanese culture.

Really appreciate this moment, and really enjoy to learn how to make sushi. -Anthony, France
“Zuke-maguro” is so good. Thanks for your kindness.

It was a pleasure for me to know and see all this little secrets of Japanese cuisine. -Maria, Romania
“Dashi” is so amazing “food”.  I love “Dashi”.

It was interesting to learn about how complicated Japanese food can be. – Niclas, Sweden
Even though it seems difficult, the class makes me want to try making it myself at home.

It was amazing. – Anthory, France
I have discover so news sneours and feel sensibility of Japanese gastronomie. Thanks for all!  It was perfect! 10/10!

The best words to describe it are simply “that was fun.” (Man in his 40’s, Japan)
I had no experience and didn’t know where to start, but with the chef’s kind and easy to follow instructions, the sushi I made became more like some you would find in a restaurant. After making sushi on my own, we had a chance to eat both our sushi and one made by the chef. Needless to say, even though I was happy with my sushi, the chef’s masterful ability shows just how different the quality can be.

That was sure educational. (Woman in her 30’s, Japan)
I am more sushi savvy now and if someone asked me to explain to them the traditional way of making sushi, I believe I could do it.

“Dashi” (soup stock making) was amazing! (Woman in her 40’s, Japan)
Tasting the Kelp-based soup stock made me feel a dazzle. Without even adding salt, the stock was full of taste and flavor!! I could taste the depth of Japanese soup stock. The chef’s talk had lots of great tips and his knowledge that he passed on to the students has probably rarely been heard anywhere else. It was fun. I was pleasantly surprised with everything.

I see sushi chefs in a different light now. (Woman in her 40’s, Japan)
At a glance a sushi chef makes sushi making look easy, but once I tried to make it with my own two hands, I knew the various quick moves needed to master sushi making are much more difficult. I had a lot of fun.


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